Koninklijke Belgische Beroepsvereniging der Scheepsbevoorraders

The Belgian member of OCEAN is the
Koninklijke Belgische Beroepsvereniging der Scheepsbevoorraders
Union Professionnelle Royale Belge des Approvisionneurs de Navires
Royal Belgian Shipsuppliers Association



Association Webpage:

The Royal Belgian Shipsuppliers Association (Koninklijke Belgische Beroepsvereniging der Scheepsbevoorraders) commemorates 70 years of valuable and important service in November 2010.

The Association is fondly remembered as one of the founding fathers of OCEAN, the European Shipsupply Organization and ISSA, the International Ship Suppliers Association and during its long and illustrious history has served its members and the ship supply industry well. Whether it was supervising the distribution of rationed goods intended for ship supplies just after the war or negotiating the ship suppliers’ stance relating to Value Added Tax in 1968, the Royal Belgian Shipsuppliers Association has been there. So effective and impressive has the work of the association been over the years, that in February 1990 King Boudewijn of Belgium recognised its work by bestowing it with the title of Royal Association. More information on the Association´s webpage: