Commodities supplied
European ship chandlers supply vessels worldwide. Whatever the vessel or its crew may need, it can be found in the vast assortment of the chandler. In other words, the ship supplier is required to deal in numerous different commodities to meet all possible requirements.

Those commodities can be classified in different groups:
1.      Food
A ship supplier will deliver foodstuffs of every description, as many as required. Many food stuff items are delivered from bonded warehouses under customs control, whilst other products will be drawn from the domestic market. Ship suppliers have to deliver relatively small quantities of any commodity.
2.      Drinks
Spirits, wine, beers, juices and soft drinks of many brands from different countries are delivered to ships. Because alcoholic drinks are excisable in most countries, the delivery of these products requires special documentation and control.
3.      Tobacco Products
Tobacco, cigarettes and cigars are also excisable and require special documentation and control.
4.      Products for personal use
A ship supplier will be called upon to supply items such as toiletries etc. for personal use of crew and passengers.
5.      Textiles and Synthetic Products
A ship supplier may be called to supply textiles such as synthetic products for cabins, including carpets, curtains and items for personal use. He will supply flags and bunting.
6.      Electro-technical products
A ship and its crew may require a considerable range of electro-technical products. All of these, together with specialist navigational equipment, may be required from the ship supplier.
7.      Machine, Cabin, Deck and Engine Stores
A ship supplier has to be ready to supply, often at short notice, the full range of specialised technical equipment and spares which may be required at the deck department, the engine department or the steward’s department. The requirements of these departments call for a considerable degree of specialised knowledge on what is required and where to get it.
8.      Critical safety and lifesaving equipment, tarpaulins
9.      Ropes and cables
10.  Paint, varnishes and chemicals
11.  Cleaning and laundry items
12.  Nautical cards, books, software, publications and modern stationery
13.  Sundry stores