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The Ship Supply Industry in Turkey
Essential for successful maritime trade
Because of Turkey being in such an important region, there has been a need of an association for the ship suppliers all around Turkey to gather under one roof. This is how TURSSA – TURKISH SHIP SUPPLIERS ASSOCIATION was born. Turssa Chairman of the Board of Directors George Saris explains

Istanbul, Turkey at Sunset
Istanbul, Turkey - Who Is A Ship Supplier?

Ship suppliers are the Supermarket, Grossmarket and/or Construction Markets where the ships do their shopping from.

Ship supply is a profession that meets the material needs of ships such as food, maintenance and repair, cabin, machinery, spare parts, which developed depending on the maritime industry, but whose importance and nature were not fully known until the last century.

Ship suppliers play an important role in the smooth operation of the entire system (maritime trade and shipping). Without them, the complex world of maritime logistics would not be able to respond to ship suppliers' different needs of ships of different sizes and characteristics at different times. Today, ship suppliers represent a growing sector by providing value-added employment at all ports.

A large part of international trade is carried out by sea in our country, as in the rest of the world, due to its environment-friendly, low-cost and safe nature.

It has enabled the creation of sub-industries in line with the needs of the maritime industry. The "Ship Supply Industry", which is also referred to as "Food Supply", which was developed depending on the maritime industry, but whose importance could not be fully realized that this is a sector that requires serious special regulations and attention, considering its application area, trade volume and international maritime law.

Ship Supply Industry in Turkey

The history of shipping has a background of at least 5,000 years and has progressed arm in arm with the ship supplying sector. The maritime history goes back to the first ages in Turkey and started with the Ionians and still continues today with international companies. Turkey has a vital and strategic location where international maritime is intense, and since the BOSPHORUS and DARDANELLE straits are the only way to enter the Black Sea, the straits serve as a very important corridor for both the countries in the region and the countries that have commercial connections with it.

Due to the geographical and strategic location of our country, Bosphorus and Dardanelle Straits, Aegean Sea, Black Sea and Mediterranean coasts have been one of the most active points of maritime trade since ancient times and are still the focus of attention of the maritime world today. Izmir, Iskenderun and Mersin ports are also important «port centers» for commercial ships in their region.


Because of Turkey being in such an important region, there has been a need of an association for the ship suppliers all around Turkey to gather under one roof. This is how TURSSA – TURKISH SHIP SUPPLIERS ASSOCIATION was born.

TURSSA was established in 2003 to provide support to its members, to fulfill its global trade functions, to register labor standards and to reflect the strong vision of being a union and continues on its way by growing every year with 35 members.

With the persistent efforts, some of our leading company's owners, registration to ISSA (International Ship Suppliers & Services Association) membership was recognized, our association and our member companies, had the opportunity to become a link in the international ship supply chain. Thus, it has gained an important position not only nationally but also in the international arena by interacting with approximately 2000 ship supply companies around the world. Membership of ISSA, which has members in all major ports around the world, has been an important initiative for our association.

Besides our Membership to ISSA, since January 2010 our Membership in the status “Observer Member” has been approved by OCEAN and we proudly participate in all meeting helt.

Legislation Studies done by TURSSA For the Ship Supplier Sector in Turkey

TURSSA has resolved the export restrictions imposed on many goods, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, which are the main subject of the ship supplier sector.

Several online meetings were arranged and applications were made to the relevant ministries in order to be able to take action and solve these matters during this difficult time.

TURSSA Activities

23-24 November 2018 – ISSA Convention & Trade Exhibition-Istanbul-Turkey

With the participation of domestic and foreign sector stakeholders in the organization; Conferences and panels were held on the topics of digital transformation of the industry, blockchain technology and its effects on the industry, the e-commerce revolution, ship recycling and the duties of ship suppliers.

08-09 Kasım 2019- ISSA Convention & Trade Exhibition-Busan – South Korea

The 64th ISSA Conference and Fair organization was held on 8-9 November 2019 in Busan, the capital of South Korea. The association president, Mr. George Saris, took part in this organization both as a representative of TURSSA and as a Treasurer and Vice President of ISSA.

Neva Fair – 17-20 September 2019

For the International Shipbuilding Maritime Fair and Conference (Neva-Fair), which was attended by the IMEAK Chamber of Shipping and held in Russia - Saint Petersburg, on September 17-20 2019, an article introducing the ship supplying  industry was prepared for the Maritime Trade magazine by The Chamber of Shipping. The mentioned article appeared in the magazine was prepared for the Fair in Russian.

Visits Made by The Board Of Directors

In 2020 and early 2021, by the TURSSA Board of Directors, beginning with the Istanbul Customs and Trade Regional Directorate, The Chamber of Shipping and various port authorities were visited to discuss the ship Suppliers sectoral problems.