03.12.2016, 14:12 Uhr
SNAN presents itself
Presentation of the French Ship Supply Association

Madame Michèle GUILBERT - DANNEELS, French Member of the OCEAN Working Group on Customs & Taxation and Customs Manager of SAS GHESQUIERS JPG in Calais explains how the French Ship Suppliers Association SNAN has progressed in 2016, why French ship supply matters and how it is treated in French legislation.

Calais, France -   The French association of ship suppliers SNAN (Syndicat National des Approvisionneurs de Navires), is pleased to announce the launch of its website in the coming weeks, with a brand new visual identity, in order to promote the ship supply industry in France towards the authorities, the professionals of the maritime sector and other associations. It will be a new support for communication and information about what ship supply is, as a 24/7 operator.

SNAN joins French Martime Cluster 
recently the SNAN has joined the Cluster Maritime Français (CMF) which defends the interests of the whole maritime community, to be part of the global synergy of the sector and raise the awareness of our industry. The French Maritime Cluster's main goal is to promote the French maritime economy in France. With the interest of all French Chamber and CMF members in mind, this committee offers opinions and expertise on current issues and business trend perspectives. It delivers key insights into doing business in the maritime sector in France and the EU.

Ship supply in France 
In France, as in other countries, the daily business of a ship supplier is affected by legislation on import, export, transit, VAT, excise duties, veterinary, as well as transport and social rules. In a risk analysis in our business, the change of legislation is in top 3. To comply with all relevant rules is a challenge, and then to adapt to changes is another one. In this context, the SNAN concentrates its work to create an optimum business climate with French Customs authorities.

Customs simplifications and modernization
Since a year French Customs authorities have organised many meetings to inform companies about the new UCC, developing 40 tools and measures for export and offering accompanying services to optimize customs formalities and reduce costs. As AEO operators, the French ship suppliers still need more simplifications and modernization in the relations with Customs for higher competitiveness. Modernization for example of the old “RTS procedure” to be able to deliver 24/7 easier after a pre-announcement message to Customs; modernization of the Customs accompanying services with a single national interlocutor for VAT, excise and customs matters, as a tailor-made single window for ship supply ; simplification with a single customs office responsible for all deliveries to vessels in all French harbors, on the idea of the system already achieved in The Netherlands.

The SNAN will come back to you soon in 2017 to welcome you on the its new website !